Going Dutch
Do you like stroopwafels, fietsen and gezelligheid? Congratulations, you are most likely Dutch! Our interface is now fully available in Dutch. You can set your language in your profile preferences. Veel plezier!

Energy tariffs
The tariffs for your energy were always fixed. Now you can set the tariffs for Electricity and Gas yourself. With this new feature you are able to calculate your costs more specifically.
If you want to know what your personal tariffs are, go to the website of your energy provider or take a look at your energy bill. To set your personal tariff, log in to your account and go to Setup – Energy.
Climate change
Sometimes we forget, but the highest energy costs for our homes and offices goes to usage of gas, which is used to keep room temperatures leveled. Save energy by using your smartphone, tablet and/or PC to regulate the room temperature. With the Radiator Control BeNext offers you additional savings and comfort in one. For more information, go to our website.