Radiator Control

Sometimes we forget, but the highest energy costs for our homes and offices goes to usage of gas, which is used to keep room temperatures leveled. Start saving energy by only heating up the necessary rooms and spaces on the right time of day.

Radiator Control of BeNext is a replacing unit for your original radiator valves, which help you to automate the usage of heat. When all radiators in your home or office are equipped with Radiator Control of BeNext you can start making ‘rules’ and ‘schedules’ with the effect of drastically lowering costs on your energy bill. You can control the Radiator Control manually but also remotely with your smartphone, tablet or PC within our free of charge online manager.


  • Control and manage radiators individually, manually and/or remote
  • Make big savings on your gas-usage by applying scheduling within the online manager
  • The Radiator Control works on two AA batteries governing a lifespan of three years
  • Receive push notifications when batteries are depleted


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  • Product dimensions: 64 x 48 x 77 millimeter (L x W x H)
  • Normal operating voltage: 2x AA 1.5V batteries. From 2.3Vdc to 4.0Vdc. Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Battery lifetime: normal usage will give an approximately 3 years lifetime. Notice: long and big networks will decrease the battery lifetime
  • Storage temperature: -5°C to +65°C
  • Storage humidity: 10% to 70%
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Operating humidity: 30% to 80%
  • Frequency range: 868.42 MHz (Z-Wave)
  • Maximum wireless range: 100 meters in line of sight
  • Average wireless range: 30 meter
  • Mesh-network wireless range: 150 to 300 meters (maximum of 4 hops)
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With this product you get two year warranty. For more information read our general terms and conditions.

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