The internet Gateway acts like a bridge between your smartmeter, the internet and the control over your BeNext products via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Connect the Internet Gateway onto your smart meter and start reading out data, completely independent from your local power supplier. The Gateway gives you access to our famed free of charge online manager. In this online environment you can, among many other features, set up energy targets, read out and compare revenues from installed solar-panels (*) and manage your use of gas. The more BeNext products you will use and install on the Gateway the better you’ll be able to automate big savings and broaden luxury and safety features.

Create and manage your own smart environment by setting up so-called ‘rules’ and ‘scenes’. For example, at sunrise, the coffee-machine sets automated fresh coffee and your television turns on. And at sunset the lights automatically switches on and also the heating system turns on.

The Internet Gateway works with special ‘rules’. Dependent on the particular ‘lifestyle’ the operating system is currently switched in. These rules can always be changed and managed by you or any member of your family.

* The gateway can only measure returned energy, to measure produced energy an extra meter is required.


  • The central communication HUB for your smart home
  • Acces to the free of charge online manager
  • Collecting data from your smart meter such as electricity and gas usage
  • Controlling all BeNext products with your smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Setting up ‘rules’ and ‘scenes’, which broaden functionality and savings
  • The gateway has support for products of third parties


    Z-Wave logo

  • Product dimensions: 140 x 79 x 21 millimeter (L x W x H)
  • Normal operating voltage: 12~15Vdc power supply
  • Normal power consumption: max. 1 Watt
  • Storage temperature: -5°C to +65°C
  • Storage humidity: 10% to 70%
  • Operating temperature: 10°C to 50°C
  • Operating humidity: 30% to 80%
  • Frequency range: 868.42 MHz (Z-Wave)
  • Maximum wireless range: 100 meters in line of sight
  • Average wireless range: 30 meter
  • Mesh-network wireless range: 150 to 300 meters (maximum of 4 hops)


  • Internet Gateway
  • Power cable
  • P1 cable
  • Internet cable
  • Two screws
  • Two plugs
  • Screwdriver

The in-house communication between the products works with a standard RF communication called Z-Wave, based upon the European Cenelec Regulations.

Instructional video
Third party products

With this product you get two year warranty. For more information read our general terms and conditions.

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