Because Z-Wave is a worldwide standard, BeNext can connect with any product that speaks Z-Wave. This includes the wide array of Z-Wave enabled third party devices that are out there today.

To cover the most of the Z-Wave market, the BeNext interface offers two types of product support: Full support and Generic supported devices.

Full integration

Products with full support are thoroughly tested and completely integrated into the BeNext interface. This integration includes support for reading all the product’s sensors, Rules, Appearance, Scenes, settings and various other services like Energy and Security (if supported by the product).

Supported products

The following products are fully supported within the BeNext interface:

Product IDProductProducer
DSC18103Micro SwitchAeotec = Aeon Labs
MultiSensor DSB05 en GEN54-in-1 MultisensorAeotec = Aeon Labs
Multisensor 66-in-1 MultisensorAeotec = Aeon Labs
Range ExtenderZ-Wave Range Extender and RepeaterAeotec = Aeon Labs
Recessed Door Sensor GEN5Recessed Door SensorAeotec = Aeon Labs
Siren GEN5SirenAeotec = Aeon Labs
LIVC_RAK / LC-13Living ConnectDanfoss
054337 / 05458Insert dimmerDüwi
054368 / 05459Blind InsertDüwi
Elvaco cma10w, cma11wAll Wireless MBUS Temp, humidity sensor
AN181-2Mini Plug Switch + MeterEverspring
AN180-2Mini Plug SwitchEverspring
AD147-2Mini Plug DimmerEverspring
ZWS12Window openerFakro
FGD211Built-in DimmerFibaro
FGD212Built-in Dimmer 2Fibaro
FGS2213kW RelayFibaro
FGR221Roller ShutterFibaro
FGWPE - FGWPF-102-5Wall Plug (ook gen5)Fibaro
FGSS-001Smoke sensorFibaro
FGRGBWM-441RGBW ControllerFibaro
FGMS-001Motion sensorFibaro
FGK101Door SensorFibaro
FGS222Double Relay SwitchFibaro
FGMS-001 v2Motion SensorFibaro
FGS223Double Relay SwitchFibaro
FireAngel Z-WaveFireAngel Z-Wave moduleFireAngel
FMS/BCSShuttleForrest Group
PowerNode SingleEnergy Switch (single)GreenWave
PowerNode MultiMulti Energy SwitchGreenWave
DBMZ / ABMHZBlinds ControlHunter Douglas
Z-Wave Smart Electra Meter addonZ-Wave Smart Meter addonKamstrup
Multical 21, 302, 601, 602 etcAll Wireless MBUS Water Heat and gas MetersKamstrup ONLY with B2B WMBUS GATEWAY
Landis&Gyr gasmetersonly Wireless MBUSLandis&Gyr ONLY with B2B WMBUS GATEWAY
NQ-9121-EUGas/Water meterNorthQ
PolyLock / DanalockPolyLock / DanalockPoly-Control
Z-WeatherWeather StationPopp
Smoke Sensor / SirenSmoke Detector & SirenPopp
Product IDProductProducer
Flush 1 relay1x RelayQubino
Flush 1D relay1x RelayQubino
Flush 2 relay2x RelayQubino
Flush dimmerFlush dimmerQubino
Flush shutterFlush shutterQubino
Flush Shutter DCFlush shutter for blinds (DC)Qubino
Flush Shutter (Z-wave +)Flush Shutter (Z-wave +)Qubino
Room thermostat SCS317Room thermostat with displaySecure
Room thermostat SRT321Room thermostat onlySecure
Receiver SSR303Thermostat receiver with relaySecure
CoolCam Door SensorDoor SensorShenzen NEO
CoolCam Motion SensorMotion SensorShenzen NEO
CoolCam Power PlugEnergy SwitchShenzen NEO
SensoAirCO2 sensorSiegenia
HouseMateHouseMateUnique Perspectives
ZS6301CO DetectorVision Security
ZP3102Movement sensorVision Security
ZS6101Smoke DetectorVision Security
Wall controllerWall controller en wallcsZ-Wave-ME

Generic product support

With generic product support we support the bare bones of a third party product. This is limited support that includes a single sensor, single switch and energy sensor (if supported by the product). With the sensors it’s not possible to show the right type (for instance, temperature or a percentage). The picture of the product is not included as well.

Despite the limited support of the product we do want to provide the perks of the BeNext interface. Therefore generic support also includes integration into services like Energy, Scenes and Rules.

At the tutorials pages you will find more information how to install and configure general product.

Known products

The following products are known to work well within the generic support:

Product IDProduct descriptionProducerComments
MH9 CO2 sensorCO2 air quality and temperatureMCOadd multilevel V5 cmd classes params humidity=7936 of 1280, co2=4352, temperture=256
Sensoair CO2 Sensor CO2 air quality sensorSiegenia-Aubi multilevel support
DSB54 / DSB29 / Door/window SensorAeotec, Aeonlabsall basic types
05545 / 064459Remote ControllerDuwiinclude as secondary inclusion controller, cannot work together with FLIRS software
054436wall mount switchDuwi2x AAAA, cannot work with node 1 associations, direct associations to products are possible.
HSM02Door SensorEverspring
SF812Smoke DetectorEverspringBatteries are draining fast.
Needs manually cmd_class mapping on Alarm_param 1
SE812Indoor SirenEverspring
ST812Flood SensorEverspring
ST814Humidity and temp SensorEverspringBatteries are draining very fast.
FGMS-001Motion SensorFibarobasic on/off and monitor functions for Tamper, battery, temperature and lux. Full support in progress .
FGFS-101Flood SensorFibaro
FGBS-001Binary SensorFibarobasic on/off and sensor multilevel cmd classes
FGS211Built-in SwitchFibaroonly basic on/off support
FGK101 - 107Door SensorFibaro
FGPB 101Fibaro buttonFibarobasic on/off, and scene number
does not support long or tripple click
ZM1602Outdoor Siren with backup batteryVisionloud sound
WT510Thermostat Control DisplayWorld Excelonly basic on/off, needs external powersupply.
Z-Weatherweatherstation, windsensorpopp.eumanually add sensormultilevels
FGPB-101-2The ButtonFibaroBasic and Scene activation supported
HKZW-SCN01 and SCN04Scene controller buttonHank Electronicsbasic on/off, and scene number
does not support long or tripple click
Magnum Heatit ThermostatZ-Wave thermostat for electrical floorheatingHeatit, MagnumToevoegen Basic cmd class, to switch from eco (off) to comfort (on).
Setpoint also works.
Product IDProductProducerComments

Not supported

It’s not always possible to support a product through the full or generic support. The following products are known to not work correctly within the BeNext interface:

054436 - Wall ControllerDuwiCan not make associations with node 1. Direct associations to products are possible.
Stella ZEurotronicWe suggest you use the Danfoss LC valve
Comet Z-WaveEurotronicProduct wont respond to a setpoint set, and therefore will not work. We suggest to use danfoss LC valve.
SF812 - Smoke detectorEverspringBattery lifetime is very poor. Command Class Sensor Alarm is not supported.
SWM301 - water sensorSecure - SENSUSSensus watermeter sensor not supported product not in stock
ZM1702 DoorlockVision SecurityBattery lifetime is very poor, not stable. We recommend the Danalock
PST02-1APhilioSome command class (versions) are not supported.

You decide what we support

With so many Z-Wave products currently on offer there is a good chance we don’t have full support for a specific Z-Wave product. If you have a product that you would like to see fully supported, please fill in the request form below. If that product proves to be popular, we will include it in the BeNext interface.

Please note: This form is only meant for requesting product support. If you have a different question or remark, please use the contact form.