App Widgets

Do you want to switch your Lifestyles and Scenes quicker? Just add a Widget.

A widget acts as a shortcut and allows you to control your home without opening the BeNext application. Setting up a Widget is straightforward and allows you to divide them by account. Control the size and amount of the widgets yourself.

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Widgets in app

Wireless Smart Meter Readouts

In addition to being the heart of the BeNext system, our Gateway is also a tool for reading out your Smart Meter. To achieve this, an internet connection on location was normally needed.

Which is we now have the BeNext P1-Dongle. With this dongle you can read out your smart meter wirelessly, so you do no longer need an internet connection at that specific location. As always, these readouts get displayed in your BeNext app and webportal immediately.

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P1 Dongle

Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can occur through broken pipes, a leaking washing machine or extreme rainfall. We all know the results: Flooded basements, warped floors and, above all, expensive repairs.

With the BeNext Water detection sensor you can prevent such damage. The Water detection sensor is linked with the Door Sensor’s external contact. After which you can set up an alarm or email / push notification in a convenient way. This allows you to avoid expensive repairs.

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Water sensor