Plug-in Dimmer

Christmas time is coming! Control Christmas in your home without having to deal with complicated time switches and unnecessary energy usage.

Create your own Christmas mood with the Plug-in Dimmer and Energy Switch and keep Christmas affordable. After all, the decorations only have to be turned on when they are required. After Christmas, the Plug-in Dimmer and Energy Switch don’t have to end up in storage like the decorations. You can use these products for other appliances in your home. This way you can enjoy the products throughout the whole year!

You can see other products for Christmas use at our webshop.


Third party products

More third party products are now fully supported by our system. The Motion Sensor and the Smoke Sensor from Fibaro are now fully integrated. We have also focused on the climate products from Secure for the cold winter months.

Please click this link if you want to know which products are fully supported in our system.