Plug & Play products which are directly controllable with your smartphone, tablet and PC. »


One operational system with more than 200 products. Unprecedented control and luxury in your home. »

Personal advice

BeNext offers the possibility to give personal advice on your phone when a detected change occurs in the house. »


Everybody should be able to safe easily on their energy consumption while enjoying comfort and security in their own house. »


Internet Gateway

The center of your intelligent home

The Z-Wave Gateway is connected to your internet connection. It is this connection which let you take control with the App.
When you tap in a command in the App the Gateway will receive this and will give the needed commands to different products in your house to turn on your lights or control your curtains.

It is in this manner that the Gateway offers a total control on home appliances in Energy, Safety, Climate, Security and Comfort from wherever you might be at that moment. This system operates on it’s own without interference of your selected energy utility company or internet provider.


accessible and user friendly

Accessible and user friendly

An overview of usage in your home considering electricity, gas and water. You can choose to differentiate between total usage of the house, usage per electrical device and possible generated energy created by your own solar panel.

This is all possible with the BeNext Domotic System, the complete solution for you home automation.


Under control

Live camera’s in and around your home give total coverage and surveillance. Besides the camera’s, we use door sensors to know when doors are opened unwanted. It is easy and affordable!


Under Control

What our customers say

“Cheap and direct control”

We are a family with three children. Our children usually forget to flip the switch for lights through out the house. Next to our gassing bills we sensed that electricity was also responsible for a big part of our bill. After the installation of the BeNext package we took control over the lighting in our house. Considerably cheap and direct control, we love it!

E. Bruin

“We now have perfect insight”

Since a few months we live together and we both want to be green for our environment. We’ve got advice from this electronic stylist who told us to take a look at BeNext center. After ordering our own center on the internet a package arrived three days later on our doorstep. Everything was quickly installed and we could immediately start. I’m very keen on checking out the power generated by our solar panel, we even made a rule which switches on the washing machine only when there’s enough sun intensity.

J. Haaften

“Saving automatically”

After a visit to one of the demo houses of BeNext we we’re blown away. With this easy application for your tablet the family now controls lighting and heating within our home. We are saving money automatically while laying comfortable on the couch.

L. Jacobs



Smart Mill Van Sloten

The ‘’Amsterdam Smart City’’ initiative has provided a special room in this old ’’Mill of Sloten’’ where technologies that contribute to durability are being exhibited.
BeNext has contributed in making the Mill of Sloten truly a ‘’Smart’’ mill. BeNext has placed a few sensors and switches which apparently can measure the exact amount of generated power made by our solar panels and used energy like electricity and gas.

Because of these measurements we can now see how much we produce and use. BeNext is also thinking about how we can use less power in order to save more on our energy bill. We are really happy about joining hands with BeNext and we are looking forward to all the new features.


The Green Installer

I am really enthusiastic about the BeNext system. Within it’s own class BeNext’s Home Automation system is the most complete and most available for a big group of consumers. Lighting, Energy management, Climate control, Security and automated care taking of our elders is coming together in one App. More and more functions are added. Regards,

J. van Krieken