Starting Friday the 3th of August 2018, we are no longer selling our products through our webshop. The reason for this decision is that BeNext provides every month between 50 to 300 homes with Energy monitoring, Domotica and other Smart Home solutions. As a result; we are now focusing on the realization of sustainable projects throughout the Netherlands. These projects are collaborations between contractors, builders, installers, housing corporations, project developers, consultancy firms and architects.

Buying our products

We still want you to enjoy our innovative products! BeNext sells its Smarthome platform the ‘Internet Gateway’ to consumers via¬†Huisgemak.nl. BeNext sells its Smart Z-Wave Home Automation sensors via distributors. See the below list for direct links to webshops, partners, and distributors where our products can still be purchased:

If you are interested to include our products in your own webshop, please feel free to get in touch with us.
Furthermore we work together with:

In addition with:
BAM, Heijmans, TBI, Dura Vermeer, van Wijnen, Hendriks Coppelmans, Breman, Smit, Spindler, Bras, GPR, Lowik, Janssen de Jong, Ter Steege, Comfort Partners and many more.

Would you like to receive more information about our products and services regarding NOM, BENG or EPV related projects? We will be more then happy to send over some information and to create a quotation. Feel free to get in contact with us.