BeNext Smart Home makes Zero-on-the-meter (NOM) properties ‘Smart’. It ensures that people have control over their property and if the situation requires the property itself can direct contact with residents or contact a connected service provider.

A smart home is a home where all climate systems and relevant elements of a home can communicate digitally with each other to make energy efficient schemes that saves energy. It offers comfort, safety, convenience, makes life safe and provides extensive information capabilities.

Organizations that manage and maintain homes and guarantees energy performance (NOM / EPV) are using private and secured BeNext Service portals to monitor homes from distance and provide their services.

In Groevenbeek North, Ermelo in The Netherlands, 39 smart energy efficient homes were realized including many innovations, such as local energy storage, smart shading, ventilation and heating. Through BeNext Smart Home technology everything is connected, operates together, information is processed into usable information to the residents.
Everything comes together in a digital panel, where residents gets insight of their homes and can control the status of their property.
Besides a display there is also a BeNext Smart Home app to safely control the homes anytime and from anyplace.

BeNext Smart Home is ready for the next step, the smart Zero-on-the-meter house.