Do you not have Internet access in your cupboard so you can not read your smart meter data using the Internet Gateway?

Our new P1 Dongle allows you to wirelessly transmit this data to the Gateway. This data is then displayed in the BeNext application and online environment. Where you have insight of your consumptions and eventually the yield of your solar panels.

The P1 dongle can connect to smart meters when they support DSMR (Dutch Smart Meter Reader Protocol).
We support all smart meters (DSMR2, 4 and 5) with a P1 connector.
The next smart meter brands have this connection: Kaifa, Kamstrup, Landis & Gyr and Elster Iskra.

For more information about smart meters, click here.
Order a special adapter for DSMR2.x meters.

The P1 Dongle is now available, see the dongle page or order directly in the webshop.