We have new beta apps for Android and iOS. We would like to inform you on these latest developments, because the beta apps will replace the current apps in the near future.For the past couple of months we have been busy developing a new, innovative and responsive redesign. In it we have combined our most important values: Control, Comfort and Innovation. With these thoughts in mind we redeveloped the most important features and made them easier to use.  

Your home, your features

The newest addition to the app is the fully customizable main screen. Customize your start up screen to your personal preferences with your favorite features. Of course, all of the familiar features from the current app are available as well.

iOS and Android

The iOS version of our new app is still in development and not quite as complete as the Android version. You can already check out the app in the App Store.
Important: Only the new iOS app can handle push notifications, it is not possible to receive push notications for the old app anymore. You can still use the new app next to the old app.
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The Android version is almost done and will replace the current app in the middle of september. You can also still use the new app next to the old app.
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