Every day we get tons of feedback from our users on how to improve our system. We would like to thank you this valuable information. Not only do we appreciate the feedback, we are also continuously working to integrate your feedback into our system. Your satisfaction is our SUCCESS!

To show our appreciation, we have been working to add some of the most requested features over the last few months. So no special offers or gimmicks, just better usability!

Faster loading times

Do you like to wait? We neither! Then why did we let you wait for your energy graphs?You didn’t like it and neither did we. This is why we revised our energy infrastructure from the ground up in order to lower these loading times. The result: Up to 12 times faster loading times for all energy graphs!
You don’t have to set up anything to get these speed ups. Just open the app, go to Energy and effortlessly scroll through all of your usage history.

Longer names

Starting today, it is possible to enter longer names for your Products, Scenes and Rooms. This way you won’t have to worry about mixing up your Kitchen light and your Kitchen alarm when you come home late at night.


Go ahead and edit the names of your Products,Scenes and Rooms.

Better generic support

Some third party Z-Wave products are not yet fully support in our system. That is why we offer our “Generic product” service for these “unknown” products
We have given this service an upgrade to make it even easier to install unknown products. During installation you now choose a single Generic product. This product will automatically create the most important sensors and switches for your convenience.

Besides an easier installation we also offer smoother generic product integration into our Rule system. All generic products will automatically be added to our Security, Control and Energy screens.

You can find more information on our Generic Product service on our tutorial page.