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BeNext sets the goal to, in a social responsible, independent and innovative way execute her company aimed at the home automation market, and hereby deliver a payable, retro fit and plug and play system which works as an central control point in the area’s of Climate, Control, Energy, Safety and Security and gives the end user an intelligent environment.

The company

BeNext is a dutch company founded in 2007 by former director of Betronic in the next step of developing home automation products. In the early 90s, home automation was one of the most important technologies, which the Betronic group had to offer and the energy and climate related products were produced on a large scale accompanied with the first generation gateway technologies.
Today we offer the 4th generation gateway technology on Z-Wave protocol for the best price/quality, the lowest energy consumption and the highest security possible on the current market.

BeNext B.V.
Ter Gouwstraat 3
North-Holland, Netherlands

CC-number: 34280284
VAT-number: NL.8183.292.70.B.01

Payment information:
Bankname: Rabobank
Account owner: BeNext B.V.
Account number: 122230612
Bank address: Croeselaan 18
Bank postal code: 3521 CB
Bank place: Utrecht
Bank country: Netherlands