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A central system to connect and control all devices in your home.  »


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BeNext Home automation

Live comfortable, safe and sustainable with the home automation system of BeNext. Simply control your home with your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

In a smart home all devices communicate with each other. With our application you can access your house everywhere and anytime you want. Reduce your energy bills by monitoring temperature in every room and checking the energy usage of all your appliances. It’s also possible to monitor your solar panels. To ensure a safe home and comfortable home, you can mount sensors on windows and doors, which will alarm you via push notifications and e-mail on your smartphone. Of course these sensors can also be used to intelligently switch lighting on and off.

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Control over your home

Live camera’s in and around your home give total coverage and surveillance. Besides the camera’s, you can use door sensors to know when doors are opened when you’re away. Checking on the kids was never this easy and affordable.

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Energy under control

An overview of energy usage in your home considering electricity, gas and water. You can choose to differentiate between total usage of the house, usage per electrical device and energy generated by your own solar panels.

This is all possible with the BeNext Home Automation System, the complete solution for you home automation.

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