With the Z-wave network you can manage your house from anywhere, any time. The wireless network is created by Z-Wave products, which are connected with each other and communicate with the Internet Gateway.

For example, if a motion sensor detects movement, it sends a Z-Wave message via the fastest route to your Internet Gateway. Then, the Internet Gateway can turn another product on or off; or display a message in the app and website. To achieve longer distances, the products which are always available help to forward the messages to the correct recipient. This always happens via the fastest available route. This is only possible with devices that are connected to the mains power (or adapter).

When you build a network, you can make it more stable by spreading more products around your home so that products continue to communicate with each other and through the Internet gateway. For example, a product in the basement cannot communicate with a product in the attic without any intermediates. Also walls and cabinets provide less coverage. Thus, the placement of products is of great importance.

In order to make sure that a message arrives, the Z-Wave products backup all messages. So you can see if, for instance, your lights really have gone out. Z-wave will also restore this network itself automatically when the connection is not optimal, so the service can continue running.

Because Z-Wave product must meet defined requirements and be certified, products from different manufacturers will be added to a single network. Z-Wave products can be divided into three different categories. This subdivision is based on how they are in contact with the BeNext system. Want to know more?

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