Z-Wave products can be divided into three different categories. This subdivision is based on how they are in contact with the BeNext system.

Listening products
These are directly linked products and are connected in the network and mains (or adapter). They are always available for BeNext systems and other products on the network. In Z-Wave plus these are called AOS (Always Online slave) products.

Wake-up products
These are products which are offline most of the time, to conserve battery power. They periodically report their status to the BeNext system and, in some cases, automatically sensors like movement detection. In Z-Wave plus these is called Wake-up products.

FliRS products
(Frequently Listening Routing slave) are also battery powered but have much more frequent wake up moments. They wake up every quarter of a second to see if the system has to make an announcement. If this is not the case, the product goes back into sleep mode. As a result, minimum battery life consumption. The average battery life compared to wake up products is shorter. At Z-Wave plus these are called LSS (Listening Sleeping slave) products.
Please note that not all controllers have support for FLiRS products. If uncertain, check with the manufacturer of the Z-Wave controller.

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