In this example we show you how you can set the alarm to sound when a door is opened, when you are in Lifestyle ‘Sleep’.

Step 1: ‘Security’

Go to ‘Security’. a naar de tab ‘Beveiliging’. Under ‘Setup’, next to ‘Energy’.

Step 1: Go to 'Security'.

Step 2: Settings

Here you can set the security products. When you switch to the Lifestyle ‘Away’ or ‘Sleep’ the settings will work.

Step 2: Settings.

Step 3: Set and save

In this example we want that the alarm will sound, when the front- or backdoor is openend, while in the Lifestyle ‘Sleep’. Also, when movement is detected in the backyard, we want the alarm to sound. Checkmark in this case ‘Immediate alarm’. At the bottom of the page you see ‘Use Alarm Sounds. In our case there is only one choice. If you have more Alarm Sounds added, you can choose which one must sound.
Always save your settings!

Step 3: Set and save.

Step 4: Synchronize your Gateway

It it necessary to synchronize your Gateway. When your Gateway is not synchronized, the new updates will not work. The Gateway do not ‘know’ the new updates so it can not be used. Synchronizing does not take long. After this you can go to the next step.

Step 4: Synchronize your Gateway.

Step 5: Synchronized successfully!

If you see the green check-mark (next to Logout), then your Gateway is successfully synchronized. From now on your new updates will work.

Step 5: Synchronized successfully!

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