Energy Extension Package
Many of our customers talked about a high amount of standby-energy consumption of household appliances. With this package you can do something about it. Start saving money, up to 30% on your electrical bill.

This Energy Extension Package gives an excellent coverage to map and control the electrical spending’s in the home or work-space of the beginning and advanced user. Easily manage all plugged in devices with your phone or tablet within our free of charge online manager. By making smart schedules and automation you can save more than 30% on your electrical bill. Next to hooking on your electrical appliances it is also possible to connect your installed solar-panels onto the Energy Switch. The output of your panel will then be shown within the online manager. By comparing solar output and the energy-usage rhythms of your home or office you can start choosing the best moments of the day, generating the highest returning value out of your panels, to run more heavy electrical devices such as the washer or dryer. This makes up for even higher additional savings.

Start taking care by simply using your phone or tablet.


  • Energy graphs, insight per hour, per week and month
  • Integrated energy price calculations, see how much you are able to save this month
  • Easily create rules, schedules, scenarios and scenes within the free of charge online manager
  • Automatically switch your lights on or off in the morning or when coming home
  • Automate savings, giving yourself some extra free time, doing so within the online manager
  • Unwanted electrical standby management, imagine that when tucking yourself into bed all electricity is shut down by simply tapping your phone or tablet
Package contents

* This package is only for BeNext customers with a Internet Gateway *

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