Do you support other cameras?

Currently we do not support other cameras than the models we have available in our webshop.

How can I de-install a product?

To de-install a product you first log in to your account. Then go to Setup -> Product -> Remove. Select the product you want to de-install and follow the steps you see on your screen.
* Attention! If you remove a product the energy data will also be lost.

How do I set up the WiFi on the camera?

Before you can setup the WiFi on your camera you have to install the camera wired first. You can install your camera by going to Setup -> Install, selecting your camera and following the instructions.

After you have installed the camera you can set up the WiFi by following the link under Setup -> Product -> Settings -> Your camera. This link will take you to the website of the camera itself. Use the default username/password found in the manual or use your own username/password if you have set any.

How the WiFi can be set up is different for every camera. You can find specific instructions on how to set up your camera in the manual.

Please keep in mind that when setting up the WiFi, that the WiFi network should be on the same subnetwork as the Gateway is connected to. Otherwise the Gateway won’t find the camera. If you don’t know whether the Gateway is on the same subnetwork, just connect the Gateway to the same WiFi enabled router/modem as your camera.

When you are done with the WiFi setup, please give the Gateway some time to rediscover the camera. This could take up to 30 minutes.

Why is my camera unreachable?

When your camera does not work anymore after installation it can have different causes.

1. Please make sure that the username/password found under Setup -> Product -> Settings -> Your camera are correct. The default username/password can be found in the manual. You can check whether these are correct by clicking the WiFi link and entering the username/password.

2. Has your network recently been changed? If, for instance, you changed your WiFi password, you have to re-set up the WiFi on your camera by connecting it by wire.
The camera also needs to be on the same subnetwork/router as your Gateway in order for it to be found.

If this is not the case, then you can try to reset the camera with the reset button on the camera. Please note that by resetting the camera, the username, password and WiFi settings are gone. These have to be set up again when reset.

To reset the camera, please sure that the camera is on and hold the reset button with a pen for 30 seconds. After that, restart the camera by removing the powerplug, waiting 10 seconds and reinsterting the powerplug again after together with the ethernetcable.

Why doesn’t my camera make any recordings?

If your camera hasn’t made any recordings before, than it is probably because your router’s firewall blocks it.

To make sure the recordings can be made, you have to open TCP port 21 on your router. You can set this up in your router, please search for the term “port forwarding” in your router’s settings.

How do I reset my Gateway and/or account?

You can only use the Gateway on one account at once. You have to reset your account in order to use the Gateway on an other account. You can reset your account by following the instructions at the webportal under Setup -> Profile -> Settings.

How do I use the Gateway on an other account?

You can only use the Gateway on one account at once. You have to reset your account in order to use the Gateway on an other account. You can reset your account by following the instructions at Setup -> Profile -> Settings.

What do I have to do if my Smart Meter has been replaced?

If your Smart Meter has been replaced, then you have to follow a few steps to use this new meter with the BeNext Gateway.

Please note: The following instructions only apply if you are using the Smart Meter port on the Gateway. If you are using a P1-Dongle, you can just plug it into the new Smart Meter without any adjustments.

1. Make sure the BeNext Gateway is connected to your new Smart Meter
2. Unpair the Smart Meter under Setup -> Product -> Unpair. WARNING: Do NOT select the “Also remove all data for this product” checkbox – this will remove all the data from your previous meter
3. Install your new meter by going to Setup -> Install. Select the “old” Smart meter in order to save the new data on the same meter
4. Follow the instructions in the installation steps.

What is the difference between Schedule Mode and Manual Mode?

Schedule Mode:

This mode uses the temperature heating schedule created at Setup > Rules > Climate.

De temperature setpoint can be temporarily overriden from its schedule the following ways:
– At the Live > Climate screen in the webapplication.
– At the Climate screen in the mobile app.
– Locally at the thermostat.

With any of above changes the temperature setpoint will be overriden temporarily. As soon as a new schedule timepoint is reached de temperature will be changed again to the corresponding setpoint.

For example the schedule on a day is:
– 06.00h to 21 C
– 08.00h to 16 C
– 18.00h to 21 C
– 23.00h to 12 C

At 16.30h de temperature setpoint will be changed to 19 C using the mobile app.
This temperature will be active immediately. However at 18.00h de temperature will be changed to 21 C again according the schedule.

Manual Mode

This mode doesn’t use any temperature schedule schedule not from the Heating Control nor from the thermostat.

It is still possible to change the temperature using 1 of the follwing ways:
– At the Live > Climate screen in the webapplication.
– At the Climate screen in the mobile app.
– Locally at the thermostat.

However the latest setpoint set using the above options will be active indefinitely. It only will be changed if one of those options are used again or when you change back to Schedule Mode.

Note: If you set the ‘fixed temperature setting at lifestyle change’ the mode will be automatically changed to Manual Mode en the schedule is not active anymore. So when you change the temperature setpoint in that lifestyle it will be always active until you change it again.

How do I get insight in the generated energy from my solar panels?

There are multiple ways to get insight in the detailed information of the generated energy of your solar panels.

The smart meter ensures you insight in all generated energy into the electricity grid. This smart meter is directly linkable to the Gateway by using a supplied P1 cable. The smart meter can also be connected to the Gateway through the standard meter by using the NorthQ optic readout unit. In this case you don’t have insight into your net generated energy. To do this you have to install one of the following products:

1a. Use a Energy Switch plus. This device can measure in both directions and is easy to install as you will get two meter values. You only have to plug your solar panel into the Energy Switch plus. This is only possible if you have a Schuko wallplug connector.

1b. Do you have a normal Energy Switch installed? Then the BeNext support team can manually change this product from consumption into production measurements. In this case you need to contact us.

2. Use a HEM1 or HEM3 to measure your solar panels (read the manual carefully). After a successful installation you have to contact us. This is because we do not know if you are going to use the product for production or for generating.

3. It is also possible to install a DIN-Rail energy meter. In this case there has to be a possibility to read out the digital stand. This can be done with, for example, a pulse contact or with LED pulses. You can use the NorthQ energy product to do this. Your energy will be send by Z-Wave to the Gateway. You have to contact us after a successful installation. We convert the energy to production. Then you will have a clear view in the graphs and in the App.

I can’t enable/disable Tags anymore with the Tagreader 500, why is this?

You were probaly used, if you used multiple tags in your system, that you could enable/disable tags. This was indeed possible for the previous Tag Reader, however unfortunately not anymore for the Tag Reader 500.

This is because of safety reasons. Once a Tag is included into a Tag Reader it can not be readout anymore. Therefore if a Tag is disabled it can never be enabled again.

Note: If you ever lose a Tag we advise to remove it in the setup > unpair menu.

Can i use a Tag with multiple Tag Readers 500?

This was indeed a feature with the previous Tag Reader. Unfortunately this is not possible anymore with the Tag Reader 500.

This is a safety precaution. Every Tag Reader 500 stores a unique Tag a different way. Because of this it is not possible anymore to readout a tag.

So if you want to use a Tag on multiple Tag Readers you should add the Tag per Tag Reader 500 in the setup > install menu


My Tag Reader 500 makes an error sound (beeping 8 times fast) every time I press a button, what could be the problem?

This could be 1 of the following reasons:

  • The Tag Reader 500 is not added to a Z-Wave network.
  • The Tag Reader 500 is added to a non-secure Z-Wave controller, please check with the manufacturer of your Z-Wave controller if it has support for the Z-Wave security layer.
    • It could also be the case that the secure inclusion has failed. In this case please to de-install the Tag Reader 500 and install it again.
  • The Tag Reader 500 doesn’t have an association set up in to its lifeline association group. Please use the ASSOCIATION command class with group 1.

Which smart meter does BeNext support?

We support all DSMR/P1 smart meters. Both the DSMR2 and the DSMR4 (latest version) are supported by our Internet Gateway. The following smart meter brands have a P1 connection: Kaifa, Kamstrup, Landis & Gyr, Iskra and Elster.

Go for more information about the smart meter to this page.

How can I add my smart gasmeter to my BeNext account?

1. Do you already have smart meter installed? and is the Internet Gateway connected to the smart meter with the supplied P1 cable?
2. Is the gasmeter replaced by a smart gasmeter? Sometimes you can see the yellow cable going from the gasmeter to the electricity meter. Wireless connections are more common these days. When you are not completely sure, then you can just try the installation steps. If the wizards let you know there is no meter found please contact your local grid company.

The gasmeter can be installed like this:
1. Go to https://benext.eu/login
2. Go to SETUP -> Install
3. Select the P1 Gasmeter (at the “to install” or “benext products” tab)
4. Follow the steps of the wizard.

My Living Connect shows an E1 error, how can I solve this?


Unfortunately an E1 error means an internal hardware error and can’t be solved. This will product doesn’t work anymore according to specifications.

U can try one of the following steps:

1: Reacalibration of the motor, the manual describes how to do this

2: Factory reset
Note: After this you should add the product to your controller again.

In case this doesn’t solves the problem, the product doesn’t works according specifications anymore.

We advise you to replace this product.


Why don’t the live camera controls work?

The live camera controls currently only work with the BeNext server.
If you’re working local, but don’t have internet access, the camera won’t be controllable.

Do you support other Z-Wave radiator valves?

Yes, we offer full support for the radiator valve of Danfoss.

The Danfoss Living Connect does not show the actual temperature, how is this possible?

The actual temperature, that you are able to see on the display, can not be requested via the wireless Z-Wave communication. That is why it is not possible for us to show the actual temperature. You can only set the ‘set point’ of the temperature.

How can I install the Danfoss Living Connect in my BeNext system?

Go to Setup -> Install -> Third party, here you can add the Danfoss Living Connect. Then follow the steps you see on the screen. We recommend you to use a PC for the installation.

I am positive that the batteries I placed are not empty, however the value is still shown as 0%, what can be the cause of this?

It can occur that the Tag Reader 500 has a incorrect initial battery reading. In this case it will use 0% als a reference value.

Don’t worry that the batteries are empty. The Tag Reader will automatically correct itself to the actual battery value. However this is a slow process and can take up until 7 days. U can still use the product as expected.

If you on’t wait to wait and prefer that the Tag Reader correct itself directly please proceed with the following steps.

  • Remove the batteries from the Tag Reader
  • Now wait 30 seconds with the batteries not placed
  • Replace the batteries after 30 seconds.

I can’t connect my Moving IP Camera to WiFi. What should I do?

There can be more reasons that the Moving IP Camera can’t connect to your WiFi. See the points below.
1. You entered the wrong password. Make sure you enter the right password.
2. The camera can’t ‘find’ your WiFi-signal, because of a bad reach.
3. You are using WiFi-channel 13. This channel is not supported.
4. You are using a N-router signal (5GHz). This signal is not supported.

If the above points are right, you can try to connect again.

How can I combine the lightsensor with motion detection?

You can make a rule with both inputs for the MoLiTe Sensor.
Note: The sensor itself has not the intelligence to combine motion detection and lightlevel it is the Internet Gateway that read out both values and decides to turn on your light. You can also combine it with temperature of the sensor.
Read the Tutorial pages for more information.

My Danfoss Living Connect went unreachable, how can I repair this?

Possible situation 1: The Living Connect can’t reach the gateway from a larger distance but it can reach it directly

To find out if this is the case please take the following actions:
– Disconnect the Living Connect from your radiator
– Move the Living Connect close to your gateway (direct range)
– Press once on the middle button

If the Living Connect now appears as reachable again on the webbased userinterface, that means that the Licing Connect can’t reach, when placed on the radiator, the gateway.
In this case you can try to add a mainspowered device (these a operating as repeaters in a Z-Wave network) between your Living Connect and your gateway.
Examples of mainspowered devices are BeNext Energy Switch, Alarm Sound or Built-in dimmer.

NOTE: If you want to place the Living Connect back to your radiator please take the following actions
– Press and hold middle button until ‘M’ appears
– Press middle once, the ‘M’ starts blinking now.
– Place back the Living Connect to your radiator
– Press and hold middle button again until the display turns off, you can feel the Living Connect mounts itself to the radiator.

Possible situation 2: The Living Connect can’t reach the gateway at all.
If in direct range with the gateway but the Living Connect still stays unreachable you can try to replace the Living Connect.

To replace the product please take the following steps:

Step 1: Danfoss Living Connect back to factory settings
– Remove 1 battery and wait 30 seconds.
– Press and hold the middle button and insert the battery again.
– After circa 5 seconds the Living Connect is back to factory reset

Step 2: Place the Living Connect on the radiator
– Press and hold middle button until ‘M’ appears
– Press middle once, the ‘M’ starts blinking now.
– Place back the Living Connect to your radiator
– Press and hold middle button again until the display turns off, you can feel the Living Connect mounts itself to the radiator.

Step 3: Replace the Living Connect in your BeNext environment
– Navigate to Setup > Product > Unpair
– Select the Living Connect you want to replace
– Make sure you do NOT tick the checkbox “Also remove all data for this product”.
– Follow the steps on the screen
– Navigate to Setup > Product > Install
– Select the Living Connect you want to replace
– Click Install and follow the steps on the screen

My ZW485 Eastron energy meter shows 0 values only, what can be the cause for this?

Please first check if the values on the display of the Eastron meter are higher then 0 watt and 0 kWh.

If the values on the display reflect from the values on the webportal please check the following settings on the Eastron meter.

  • The slave ID is set to 1 (Add 001)
  • The BAUDrate is set to 9600 (bd 9600)
  • The parity is set to ‘NONE’ (Prty n)
  • De A (white) and B (black) wires are good and connected to correct connectors.

To check the settings on the Eastron meter

  • Press and hold the ‘Enter’ button for 3 seconds.
  • Use the following Pass ‘1000’
  • Use the ‘Navigate’ button to navigate trough the settings.
  • Note: If you want to change a settings press and hold the ‘Enter’ button on the corresponding setting. 

Does the Gateway work with Powerline (Ethernet over Power) adapters?

The Gateway does not work well with Powerline (also known as Ethernet over Power) adapters. We advice to use a WiFi to ethernet bridge if you want to place the Gateway on a spot without an available ethernet port.

Does the Gateway work with 3G/4G routers?

The Gateway works with 3G/4G routers.

How do I connect the Gateway to my smart meter?

It is easy to connect your Gateway to your smart meter by means of a supplied P1 cable. This cable connects the two devices. Click here if you want to see how this looks.
Then go to https://benext.eu/login/setup/ to connect your Gateway digitally as well. In a few steps, you are ready to use the Gateway.

Go for some general information about the smart meter to this page.

How to install my dutch-smart-meter?

The Electricalmeter can be installed like this:
1. Go to https://benext.eu/login
2. Go to SETUP -> Install
3. Select the P1 Gasmeter (at the “to install” or “benext products” tab)
4. Follow the steps of the wizard.

The gasmeter can be installed like this:
1. Go to https://benext.eu/login
2. Go to SETUP -> Install
3. Select the P1 Gasmeter (at the “to install” or “benext products” tab)
4. Follow the steps of the wizard.


Isn’t there internet in your electrical metering box? Or is the main metering box to far from your livingroom?
There are several solutions possible:
1. Extend the smartmetering cable for your P1 smart meter to the correct place where you can install the gateway. There are only 4 wired cable needed to extend this cable, a disconnected phone cable is a possible solution. make sure you connect the cables correctly.
2. Extend or install a new internet/network cable to the main meteringbox and connect the gateway.

There are also RF solutions:
3. Ethernet over powerline for example the tp-link/sitecom/netgear. You will use your wallsockets to exetend your ethernet to the metering box. link to tweakers
4. The most easy solution is to use a WiFi to LAN extender also known as bridge which use your wifi to make a network connection anywhere in your house, for example in your metering box. like this one or thisone, and this one.
5. The Z-Wave solution for P1 meters is in development by benext there is also a led pulse meter available by NorthQ on our webshop see webshop.

How can I set my rate?

Log in tot your account en go to Setup -> Energy. Here you can set your personal tariffs for Energy, Gas and Water. You can also set your currency. Click here to see the Energy page.

My Fibaro smoke sensor is often unreachable, how can I solve this?

It can occur that with these products the settings synchronisation during installation fails. As a result the smoke sensors are often (falsely) declared as unreachable.

To resolve this you can resycnhronize the settings:
– Navigate to https://benext.eu/login/setup/products/settings/ (note that, to link this you should be logged in)
– Select your Fibaro smoke sensor and press ‘Save’
– For the Fibaro FGSD-001: press the B-Button 3 times quickly to synchronize the settings
– For the Fibaro FGSD-001: press the B-Button once to synchronize the settings

Which dimmable LED lights are supported?

Dimmable LED lights often have different characteristics, so it can occur that some setups are not working according expectations. That’s why it is difficult to estimate if a dimmable LED light will work. However in our experience Dimmable LEDs with a power consumption higher than 20 watt will work in almost all cases. Be aware that packing of the LED light should say “dimmable”.

Below you find a list of LED light lower than 20 watt we have tested.
(Note: because LED lights can differ from each other and because of the different setup per household, it still can occur that one of the tested lights is not fully according to expectation, they might flicker or zoom a little)

TypeCan be bought atWattEnergieEnergie Val0%100%
LEDARE 600 lmIkea10 wattYes, 100%14 watt70%100%
LEDARE 600 lmIkea8,6 wattYes, 100%10 watt0%100%
LEDARE 1000 lmIkea14,2 wattYes, 80%10 watt0%100%
HQInternet13 wattNo0%100%
PhilipsAlbert Heyn9 wattNo0%100%

Can be bought at
The (dutch) store where the light can be bought

At which percentage the energy value is reported.

Energy val
The energy value that is reported with above percentage.

0% and 100%
The virtual settings to reduce the dimrange, more about this feature can be found in our manual.
Note: this function is only supported in 0.64 and higher. You can contact us if not known which version your product has.

Builtin dimmer reset to factory settings

How to reset a builtin dimmer or plugin dimmer product to factory settings (the product will also be removed/excluded from any controller).

To reset the device follow these steps:
1. When the light is off, press and hold the push button for 2 seconds and then release to start the exclusion routine (indicator light start blinking 3 times per second).
2. Now to reset the device, press and release the push button 4 times within 1.5 seconds during the exclusion routine.
3. When ‘back to factory settings’ is done successfully, the indicator light is turned on for 1 second at the end of the exclusion routine.

Also with a normal switch this process is still working. It is even more easy.
The button will hold itself and you will need to manually release/switch it by the same description.

1a. turn the light off.
1b. turn it on
1c. turn it off directly after 2 seconds. (indicator light start blinking 3 times per second).
2. toggle the switch at least 4 times within 1.5seconds like on/off/on/off/on/off
3. the led will indicate successfully excluded and reset to factory settings.

I get a notification that the Gateway can’t be found. What now?

You want to install the Internet Gateway, but you get a message that the Gateway can not be found. The reason of this problem can be that you are not installing the Gateway from the same network as your computer or laptop. Make sure you are using the same network.
It is also possible that you are trying to install the Gateway through 2G, 3G or 4G. This is not possible. Always use the same internet connection as your computer or laptop.

I have an Honeywell Chronoterm thermostat but I can’t change the temperature?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the temperature setpoint with the Honeywell Chronoterm Modulation with type (CM)T8851A1006.

What are the limits of the rules and scenes?

The BeNext Internet Gateway supports approx 180 rules. This can be manually control rules or automatically generated rules by the wizards, in most cases this is more then enough for your home solution and you won’t reach this limit.

  • max 180 rules and/or Scenes
  • max 24 timers and/or delays on the same time
  • max 232 z-wave products (we advise you wont install more then 100 devices into one single Z-Wave networking otherwise the network can get overloaded)
  • Theoretically max 10 lifestyles, however for our end customers the limit is 3 lifestyles available (HOME, AWAY, SLEEP)
  • Sunset and sunrise will be calculated every day according the location details also if you internet connection down for a while.
  • All Rules, Scenes and Lifestyles are processed and active in your local gateway, you won’t need a solid internet connection to keep your system running,( notice that alarm messages and email rules wont work without internet connection, also no local storage for energy-measurement details)
  • There will be very limited information stored during internet connection lost, this information will be processed when the internet connection is restored, this can cause a delayed email or push-message
  • A timer or delay can will be restarted if the rule is processed again.
  • All timers and/or delays will be reset at a Lifestyle change.
  • With a Scene output and a product output you will be able to control 2x the same outputs device with one input rule.


I have an Remeha iSense thermostat but I can’t change the temperature or it suddenly changed?

I can’t change the temperature

De Remeha iSense thermostat requires a setting that the Heating Control can overwrite it.
To accomplish this 2 steps should be done

1. Change the userlevel to advanced
Navigate to Menu > Settings > Usersettings > Userlevel > Advanced
2. Allow remote input:
Naigate to Menu > Settings > Installer > Remote Input > Allow.

NOTE: Above steps are only possible if your Remeha iSense thermostat has version 19 or higher. In case you have an iSense with version lower the 19 it is not (!) possible to change the temperature setpoint with the Heating Control.

The temperature suddenly changed
The program mode should be set to ‘Continue day’

This can be achieved as follow:
Navigate to ‘continue program’ > ‘program’ > ‘Continue Day’

How do I change the timezone of my system?

You can change the timezone of your system in the settings of your Gateway.

You can change these settings at Setup -> Product -> Settings -> Gateway.

Rules with Sunrise and/or Sunset are early/late

You can make de Sunrise/Sunset detection more precise by adding your location’s GPS coordinates in the Gateway settings.

You can change these Gateway setting ate Setup -> Product -> Settings -> Gateway.

The coordinates of your location can be found using Google Maps.

How can I install (generic) products?

Go to our tutorial about install products. Here we explain step by step how you can install products.

Go to our tutorial about install generic products to see how this is done.

Where is my ordered item?

You can check your order information, your invoices and your track and trace information in the BeNext webshop. Log in with you username and password at https://benext.eu/shop/login.php and click on ‘My Account’. Here, you can click on ‘My Orders’ to view your active and closed orders.

Can you still not find your ordered item or items please get in contact with us by the contact form on the website.

What are the values used to convert energy usage to money or CO2?

  • The conversion factor for energy to money is 0.22 euro/kWh. (Source: Milieu Centraal “Energieprijzen”, last checked on 2012/10/04)
  • The conversion factor for gas to money is 0.65euro/m3. (Source: Milieu Centraal “Energieprijzen”, last checked on 2012/10/04)
  • The conversion factor for water to money is 1.43euro/m3. (Source: Vewin Drinkwaterstatistieken, 2012/12)
  • The conversion factor for energy to CO2 emission is 370g/kWh. (Source: Groene stroom? Ja graag! “Stroometiketten”, last checked on 2012/10/04)

BeNext doesn’t recognize the product I just installed

It is possible that the BeNext system doesn’t recognize your product. With the large amount of Z-Wave product on the market it is not possible to support every product.

You will be offered a placeholder product in case you installed a product which is not supported yet. This will provide you basic control over the product.

What can I do if the “Installation Timed Out”?

Cancel and restart the installation procedure.

To ensure a flexible and uninterrupted working of the system, the maximum time an installation procedure is limited. If the procedure takes longer than allowed, a notification will be displayed.

What can I do if a product turns unreachable during installation?

Try to resolve this issue in the following two ways:

  • Check the batteries and replace if necessary
  • Place the product closer to the internet Gateway for a better chance on a good wireless signal

In case this does not help, contact our customer service.

Why do I need to synchronize my Gateway?

Every time you change your configurations or install new products, the Gateway needs to be synchronized with your BeNext account. BeNext will show a notification right after a configuration has been changed, so you will always know when your Gateway and your BeNext account need to be synchronized.

Tip: If you are planning to change multiple configurations, you can change all of your configurations first before synchronizing your Gateway. This will prevent you from waiting untill your Gateway has completed the synchronisation process.

Is the Gateway compatible with the X10 modules from Marmitek?

No, the Gateway is only compatible with Z-Wave certified products.

Does the Internet Gateway have a P1 interface?

Yes, the internet Gateway has a P1 interface. You need a special cable to connect the Gateway to your smart meter.

Why does it say “Your gateway is not available”?

For a proper working of the BeNext application, a connection to the Gateway is necessary. When this message appears, this connection to the Gateway is lost. In case you did now switch off this option, you should also have received an e-mail when the loss of connection occurred.

To solve this problem, please follow the next steps:

  • Make sure your internet connection is working correctly. Restart your modem or router if necessary
  • If you are sure your internet connection is working correctly, please disconnect the power from your Gateway for ten seconds, then plug the power back in again

In case the aforementioned steps did not recover you from this error, please contact us.

What does a blinking orange LED light at the front side of the Gateway mean?

A blinking orange light can be caused by the following reasons:

  • In case of wireless connection, the orange light blinks shortly while the green light is constantly on
  • In case of an error in the connection with the internet Gateway, the orange light is blinking every second and the green light is off

Please check the following:

  • Do you have a working Internet connection?
  • Is the cable between your internet router and the internet Gateway firmly connected? You know whether the cable is ok, when the green LED under the connector is green
  • Try to reset the internet Gateway in case the green light is not on within five minutes

When this error still occurs, please contact us.

What does the green LED light at the front side of the Gateway mean?

The green light means that the Internet Gateway is connected correctly to BeNext and that the system is operating correctly.

Can I develop my own code for the Gateway?

For consumers it is not possible to develop your own software for the Gateway. For business partners we have special programs available for own software or applications.

How to connect to a smart meter?

  • Aways use the supplied P1 cable, plug the small (RJ12) plug inside the smart meter and the bigger plug (RJ45) into the Gateway. The Gateway will automatically start receiving data
  • If your smart meter does not have the P1 connector yet, ask your electricity company for priority placement and you will receive your smart meter within one month
  • If the cable is to short, extend your cord (without crossing any wires!) to the length you need

Go for more information about the smart meter to this page.

Do I need a DHCP server/service for the Gateway?

Yes, you need to have a DHCP server in your network. Most internet routers have a DHCP service enabled by default.

Is the solution Z-Wave certified?

Yes, all products are Z-Wave certified and approved by the Z-Wave Alliance.

Why do I need to update my Remote Control?

The Remote Control Display can control most of the products and therefore needs to know how to address them. Every time a product is installed or deinstalled the Remote Control Display needs to be updated. Therefore, BeNext will notifity you to update the settings of your Remote Control Display.

What do the “Protection”, “Enable Dimming”, “Dim” and Fade Speed” settings do?

“Protection Setting”
The “Protection” setting allows you to set a protection on the device. The Protection setting has 3 levels: Unprotected, 3x Taps and Remote Only.

  • Unprotected means that the device can be toggled using the buttons on the device
  • 3x taps means that you have to tap the button three times rapidly in order to toggle it
  • Remote Only means that the device can only be controlled by the Gateway

“Enable Dimming”
The “Enable Dimming” setting allows you to configure your Built-in Dimmer to either dimming or switching mode. This can come in handy if you have a lamp that can not be dimmed, such as a LED light bulb.

“Dim Speed”
The “Dim Speed” setting allows you to configure how fast the Built-in Dimmer should fade in.

“Fade Speed”
The “Fade Speed” setting allows you to configure how fast the Built-in Dimmer should change its light-levels.

Where can I see my energy consumption?

If you log in here with your BeNext account, you can review your energy consumption.

Why is the energy measurement not working?

A device must be plugged into the socket of the Energy Switch. Please check if you had any device plugged in before checking the energy measurement.

What does the “Remember State” setting do?

The Energy Switch will saves its state when switched on or off. The “Remember State” setting allows you to configure whether the device should switch back to it saved state after a power loss or power failure.

Why doesn’t the Door Sensor detect if the door is open or closed?

This can be caused by the following reasons:

  • The Door Sensor isn’t included in a Z-Wave network. Include it and try it again
  • Make sure the ‘Tamper Switch’ is mounted correctly
  • The magnet contact is not mounted close enough or on the wrong side of the device

How does the EXT contact works?

The EXT means External Contact, also known as “screw contact for an external dry contact”. It means that you can connect an external dry (means potential-free = no voltage) contact. For instance a reedcontact for your window above the door, or a doorbell push button.

What does the “Refresh Time” setting do?

The “Refresh Time” setting allows you to change how often temperature and battery information is requested from the device. By increasing the Refresh Time your batteries will last longer, but the temperature and battery status will be less accurate.

What does the “Refresh Time” setting do?

The “Refresh Time” setting allows you to change how often temperature and battery information is requested from the device. By increasing the Refresh Time your batteries will last longer, but the temperature and battery status will be less accurate. A lower Refresh Time will provide you accurate information, but a shorter battery lifetime expectancy.

What does the “Sensor Off” setting do?

The “Sensor Off” setting allows you to control the time it takes for the MoLiTe to report itself as off. Increasing the time means that less detections occur because there is more time between detections. The advantage of increasing the time is a longer battery life.

When I take my Alarm Sound out of the socket, the LED’s will not go through their routine, and there is no sound.

This can have the following reasons:

  • It takes up to four seconds before the ‘Power Offline’ mode is started
  • The mode is actively being disabled by another device remote-controlling the Alarm Sound
  • The gold capacitor used for a backup battery in the Alarm Sound might be empty. The backup battery must be charged for one hour before working correctly
  • The LED routine is changed by the user

Contact our customer service in case your problem can not be solved.

Why does my Tag Reader blink/beep six times?

When you try to lock or unlock your alarm system it is possible that your Tag Reader blinks and beeps six times.
If the Tag Reader beeps six times before you have used your tag, it is an indication that the battery is low. In this case it will not be possible to use tags, however, manually enter codes will still function.
If the Tag Reader beeps six times after you have used you tag, it is an indication that the Tag Reader can not make a connection with the Internet Gateway. If possible, move your Tag Reader and/or the Gateway closer to each other.

Why doesn’t the Tag Reader read any tags?

Reasons why the Tag Reader is not working properly:

  • The device is not (correctly) included in a Z-Wave network. Include the device and try it again
  • Are you using the right tags? The supported protocols are ISO15693, ISO18000-3, Tag-it™
  • The batteries are so empty that the device cannot startup; it is advised to replace your batteries
  • The ‘Tamper Switch’ is not fully or properly pressed. You should hear a clicking sound when the ‘Tamper Switch’ is pressed incompletely

How to force a wake-up notification?

Keep the pushbutton pressed for more than 18 seconds.

How can I get a faster livestream?

Note: The solution to this question comes with many security risks and should only be applied if you understand these risks. Please contact your network administrator if your camera is a part of a closed network.

You can enable a faster stream by using port forwarding. Port forwarding is the act of “linking” the port of your camera to a port that is available outside of your local network. This way, the BeNext system can start a direct connection to your camera, which enables a faster stream.

In case that might not work, follow these steps:


      Setting up the port forwarding is usually done in your (WiFi) router. Because of the many different types of routers on the market, we can not provide specific instructions for your router. However, you can follow these pointers to get you in the right direction:

      • Your camera’s port is usually either 80 or 81
      • You can find out your camera’s IP address by looking in your router’s DHCP table

2) Enabling Port forwarding in your router can usually be done in one of the following menus or tabs: Applications & Gaming, Advanced, Port Forwarding/Port Triggering, NAT/QoS, or something similar.
3) In the port forwarding menu of your router choose your camera’s IP address (see step 2) and port (80 or 81) as input/intern. Choose a number above 8000 for the output/extern port. When asked for a protocol, choose TCP.
4) After your setting up your router, you have to complete the process by setting the port in your camera’s product settings. The IP, that will be used to access your network from the outside, will be the same of that of the Gateway. Please follow these instructions:
5) Log in to your BeNext account
6) Go to Setup > Product > Settings > Your Camera
7) Check Enable port forwarding
8) Fill in the port number that you entered as output/extern port in your router
9) Press Save
10) Test out your camera by going to Homepage > Camera

Note: If you have multiple camera’s you must repeat this process for every camera! Also, do not forget to assign a different output/extern port for every camera.