Climate Starter Package

With the Climate Starter Package from BeNext you can save up to 10% on you gas usage!

In most cases the highest costs are the costs of the gas usage. With the BeNext interface you can save a lot of money on you energy bill. Start saving by controlling your heating system, anywhere in the world. You can manage this with our free online App or website.

When you are leaving the house you can activate the lifestyle ‘Away’. By doing this, the heating system automatically goes off and waits for a sign to go back on.

Another option is controlling the radiator valve. When a room is not used you can use Danfoss Radiator control. Controlling your radiator on a distant what, again, saves money.

Watch your consumption very closely with our free online manager. This gives you independent insight into the total consumption of energy and gas in your home and presents itself as a platform for other home automation solutions.


  • Reading your smart meter
  • Support for electricity and gas meter
  • Start saving up to 10% on your energy bill
  • Internet Gateway included, which offers you a platform for more domotic functions like Security, Safety, Comfort and Energy

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