From now on it is even easier for our new customers to start with their own system!
You will receive a Welcome-flyer when purchasing the Internet Gateway of BeNext.
This flyer explains step by step what you have to do to quickly enjoy your own system.

  • Step 1: Login
  • Go to and click on Login. Click on ‘New customer’ if you don’t have an account yet and make your personal account.

  • Step 2: Install the Gateway
  • Once you are logged in to your account, follow the instructions on the screen to install your Gateway.

  • Step 3: Install products
  • You can install other products at Setup -> Install.

  • Step 4: Rules & settings
  • At Setup -> Rules you can make customized rules to automatically control your system.

  • Step 5: Control & monitor
  • You can control and monitor your products under the tab ‘Live’. The websites and the App are available for free.


The BeNext System is also described on the website of “milieucentraal” which is a dutch independed organisation that provides consumers with practical and reliable information on the environment and energy in daily life.
With the Energy monitor tool they give a overview of all systems available on the market today. BeNext does not only have an energy monitoring tool but can also be used for making your intelligent house. With the domotics (home automation) products BeNext offers a complete solution for Energy, Climate, Safety, Security and Comfortable control of all your household products.

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Artikel Millieu centraal

Plug & Play producten die direct bestuurbaar zijn vanaf uw smartphone, tablet of pc.

Een operationeel systeem met meer dan 200 producten. Ongekende controle en luxe in huis.

BeNext biedt de mogelijkheid persoonlijk advies te sturen per e-mail bij wijzigingen in huis.

Iedereen heeft recht op energiebesparing, controle, comfort en veiligheid in huis.

Live on national Televison called RTL4!
In this spectacular episode about domotica and home-automation we will explain why domotica is so important during our daily life for regular citizens. We will demonstrate the products with its multifunctional possibilities. We will show how easy it is to control your electronical products at home from your smartphone, tablet and pc and thereby how you can reduce your energybill by doing this.