Going Dutch
Do you like stroopwafels, fietsen and gezelligheid? Congratulations, you are most likely Dutch! Our interface is now fully available in Dutch. You can set your language in your profile preferences. Veel plezier!

Energy tariffs
The tariffs for your energy were always fixed. Now you can set the tariffs for Electricity and Gas yourself. With this new feature you are able to calculate your costs more specifically.
If you want to know what your personal tariffs are, go to the website of your energy provider or take a look at your energy bill. To set your personal tariff, log in to your account and go to Setup – Energy.
Climate change
Sometimes we forget, but the highest energy costs for our homes and offices goes to usage of gas, which is used to keep room temperatures leveled. Save energy by using your smartphone, tablet and/or PC to regulate the room temperature. With the Radiator Control BeNext offers you additional savings and comfort in one. For more information, go to our website.

Save money on your gas bill
You save money using our system. Whether it is by creating awareness about your energy usage or automatically switching your devices. We provide it all, while you decide. However, you can still go much further.

Did you know that the costs of gas are usually higher than the energy and water bills combined, especially in the cold winter months? With our new Radiator Control you can influence the temperature of your rooms (so your gas usage) separately. This way, you decide where you want comfort and where you want to save money by simply turning the temperature up or down.

You set up the Radiator Control by easily creating a weekschedule to automatically control your rooms’ temperature. Of course, you can always set the temperature manually on the Radiator Control itself or from your smartphone.

The Radiator Control will be available by the end of February. You can already pre-order yours in our webshop.

Free shipping
As you probably noticed: iHome has changed her name to BeNext. This calls for a celebration. Which is why we are offering free shipping for all our packages during the month of February!*

To benefit from this offer, please use the benext discount code at the checkout in our webshop.

Energy Expansion package
Using our Energy Expansion Package you can more accurately monitor your energy usage by measuring your devices separately. This way you will know exactly which device is costing you the most money. For more info click here.

Starter package
Are you enthusiastic about our system and you know someone who might be as well? Let them know that free shipping is also available for our Starter package! For more info click here.

Check out all our packages on our new website.

logo house color
We thank you for using the iHome system and for the feedback you have send us over time. Your valuable feedback helps us to improve and expand the iHome system on a daily basis. Starting today, we will continue under a new name: BeNext.

What will change?
A new name, a new website. BeNext can now be found at Here you can find any information regarding our products and services. Users of our system can use the Login button on to access their accounts.

In the coming weeks we will be gradually changing our services to reflect the new name. To make this transition as smooth as possible, the old iHome links will be automatically redirected until further notice.

Lets celebrate!
Besides the name and the website, little else will change. You will continue to benefit from our innovative services and our dedication to continuous improvement. We are happy to have you as a customer, which is why we are offering free shipping for all our packages during the month of February!*

To benefit from this offer, please use the benext discount code at the checkout in our webshop.

Question and feedback
Do you have any questions or feedback regarding the name change? Please fill in our contact form. We will reply as soon as possible.

Best regards,
The BeNext Team

* Only for shipments within the Netherlands. International shipments will be compensated with a maximum of 10 euros.

The BeNext System is also described on the website of “milieucentraal” which is a dutch independed organisation that provides consumers with practical and reliable information on the environment and energy in daily life.
With the Energy monitor tool they give a overview of all systems available on the market today. BeNext does not only have an energy monitoring tool but can also be used for making your intelligent house. With the domotics (home automation) products BeNext offers a complete solution for Energy, Climate, Safety, Security and Comfortable control of all your household products.

more information at
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Artikel Millieu centraal

BeNext had two great days at the big Energyfair called ‘European Utility Week’.

It was a great success and we had some great meetings on the fair. Thanks to all everone who has visited us and see you next year!
More details about the fair can be found at the European utility week website


Live on national Televison called RTL4!
In this spectacular episode about domotica and home-automation we will explain why domotica is so important during our daily life for regular citizens. We will demonstrate the products with its multifunctional possibilities. We will show how easy it is to control your electronical products at home from your smartphone, tablet and pc and thereby how you can reduce your energybill by doing this.

We are proud to announce that we are on the short list for the Home Energy Monitor Award 2013.The Home Energy Monitor Award is one of the awards presented during the Smart Metering Fair – held in the United Kingdom on the 24th of January.The Home Energy Award nomination is presented for our excellent Energy Advice Service – one of the many services present in the iHome system. We will keep you posted on the latest news of this great opportunity.

Benext will demonstrate BeNext iHome on the next Smart Homes event on the 9th, 10th and 11nd october 2012 in Amsterdam at stand G22. This event is one of the unique moments where Smart Homes and Energy Savings are showed, while keeping the high comfort you are use to at home.
Checkout what iHome can do for you:
Internet controlled Home automation based upon a free-of-charge service model is the answer for Peak shaving and demand side management
Energy savings will be achieved automatically by controlling your appliances